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The online future of Spain: the light at the end of the crisis

B2C ecommerce sales in Europe expected to reach $438.31 billion

Bitcoin, the future currency of global e-commerce?

Bitcoin, the original crypto-currency has been a hot debate since its inception in 2009.

Oban sponsors the Global eCommerce Forum

We are headline sponsor for the Global eCommerce Forum in NYC on May 15th 2014

Oban and Econsultancy to run new training course in international digital marketing

Invaluable tips and tricks on how to improve your international digital marketing strategy

Oban Conversion and the Heartbleed bug

What is Heartbleed Heartbleed is a bug in certain versions of OpenSSL the software underpinning most secure communications over the web, including HTTPS connections to the Oban Conversion tool. The bug enables an attacker to remotely read the server’s memory potentially scraping keys, passwords and other sensitive information, without leaving a trace. OpenSSL is included […]

The skimming effect: why you won’t read this

I don’t think you’re going to read this blog post. Not properly READ* it, not every word. There is a reason for that- human beings are predominately lazy. They look for the quickest possible short cut in any task and reading is no exception. Luckily, we are also clever enough to pull out meaning under […]

Britain is world No.1 for online retail export

OC&S in partnership with Google conducted the Global Retail E-mpire report, revealing that the retail sector is expanding.

Oban Conversion: Focus on Mexico

The ‘Focus on…’ series is a range of articles based on our global research from Oban Conversion. Each report has a specific focus on cultural drivers and preferences that may affect web design and usability choices. This month we look at the Mexican web landscape, to reveal a range of fascinating insights that could leverage […]

Top 5 International Digital Marketing Pitfalls – NON GEEK guide

If you look hard enough you can see a lot of do’s and don’ts for international search engine marketing out in internet world. One of the things I’ve found is the content is good, but it does tend to be written by technicians and aimed at geeks. Please note – there is nothing wrong with […]

Cutts Calls Time on ‘Guest’ Blogging

For a while now the industry has been predicting the end of the ‘Guest Post’ as a link building tactic for Google’s search engine. And it would appear that Matt Cutts, head of Google’s spam team has, for the first time called for SEO’s to stop the practice in 2014, stating: “Okay, I’m calling it: […]

Tesco vs. Topshop – cultural secret to international success

It’s a mantra the Oban Multilingual Search team live by, when you are looking at international expansion, international digital marketing is going to be an essential part of that plan. If you are looking to expand internationally, no matter where in the world that is, language is just the cherry on a much bigger cake. […]

Burberry exceeds expectations online with its international presence

British luxury fashion house Burberry has announced today a whopping 14% growth in retail revenue, reaching £528 million during its third quarter.  Attributed to its digital channels the result is due to additional languages introduced to its online platforms, as well as the use of its click-and-collect service. Well known for heavily investing in international […]

Going smart on the Latin American market? Mobile trends and the future of e-advertising

Exciting developments in Latin America relating to smartphones and mobile ads